Royer R-121 Ribbon Microphone

The R-121 is our flagship microphone. It's everything a ribbon should be - warm, smooth, natural sounding. It's also tough as nails, lightweight, can handle high SPL's and live stage use, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Welcome to the new world of ribbon microphones!

Royer R-122 Phantom Powered Ribbon Microphone

The R-122 is the world's first phantom powered ribbon microphone. It delivers all of the warm, natural tone of our R-121, but with 13 dB more output and impedance matching circuitry that makes it compatible with almost any mic preamplifier.

Royer R-122V Vacuum Tube Ribbon Microphone
The R-122V is the world's first vacuum tube ribbon microphone. Originally developed in 2001 as a benchmark for testing R-122 designs against, the unique R-122V has evolved into a world class ribbon microphone with amazing depth and reach in the midrange frequencies and a lush-ness you'll need to hear for yourself to believe.

Royer SF-12 Stereo Coincident Ribbon Microphone

The SF-12 is an extremely natural sounding stereo ribbon microphone. With its flat frequency response and outstanding stereo separation and imaging, the SF-12 delivers you-are-there recordings like you've never heard before.