Violet Microphones

The "Amethyst"

Both "The Amethyst" models are based on our own original true electrostatic capsules. Large size diaphragms are made of the highest quality 6-micron Mylar film. Using our original technology the diaphragms are tensioned and adjusted on precisely made brass backplates. The diaphragms are sputtered with our special formula of gold mixture. It gives them faster impulse transient response without sound coloration, low frequency reduction, and adds possibility to handle louder sound pressure levels. At the end of the manufacturing process each capsule is carefully checked for all parameters and measured in an anechoic chamber for optimum of performance.

"The Amethyst" Standard uses single diaphragm capsule and is designed for what we know as the modern sound - with airy highs, extended vocal presence, accented low end response and unidirectional cardioid pattern.

"The Amethyst" Vintage
uses dual diaphragm capsule and is designed for that classic warm sound we know from the best vintage microphones. It has a little bit wider cardioid polar pattern.

"The Globe"
"The Globe" microphone uses large size dual diaphragm capsule and is designed for detailed and neutral sound - with transparent highs, smooth midrange with minimal presence and close to flat low-end response. It has cardioid polar pattern.

The "Finger"

"The Finger" microphone uses medium size, single diaphragm, cardioid pattern capsule and is designed for close to neutral, very detailed sound - with smooth, transparent highs, optimal presence and natural low end response.