M88 TG
Some products are born classics and the M 88 has to take centre-stage for being far ahead of its time when it was first introduced in the 1960?s. Incorporating a new low-mass diaphragm element,
the M 88 TG has earned its place in history in the Kick Drum. Sound engineers have found that the lightening-fast response of the microphones reproduces the complex sound patterns of this instrument resulting in the tight ?thump? without the need for
complex signal processing. This characteristic works equally well on other instruments especially where intricate low frequencies and their harmonics need to be captured. The M 88 TG is one of the most frequently specified microphones by sound engineers worldwide and heralded a beyerdynamic contemporary classic
as this microphone becomes renown for capturing emotive audio signals.

Extended frequency range with rising high end and exceptional bass reproduction
High volume-before-feedback
Integrated hum-buck coil
High SPL handling capability
Rugged construction
Supplied with microphone clamp and storage bag

MC 833
Stereo condenser microphone with 3 moveable capsules

The MC 833 is a general-purpose stereo condenser microphone. It offers without an additional matrix: true MS-recording, true XY-recording and mono recording. The microphone is equipped with three true condenser systems. The polar pattern of each cartridge is cardioid and independent of frequency.
The middle system supplies the mono-signal or the M-signal with
MS-stereophony. The system located to the left and right of the middle system are switched together to form a figure of eight polar pattern and supply the S-signal. At XY-stereophony only the two side systems are used. They can be mechanically adjusted. Therefore, at XY-recording the recording angle can be continuously varied over a large range.

True MS- and XY-capability without external matrix
Wide range, natural frequency response
Exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and high SPL capability
Unique facility to mechanically vary position of three capsules