While it is not the focus of our business there a great many customers who have asked us for advice on building their own PC's. This page is intended to help you understand the most important concerns and hopefully empower you to find the most suitable configuration to suit YOUR needs.

Work out what you want from the system in very concrete terms.

Once you have chosen a platform there are still hundreds of options. It can be daunting and there are many pitfalls. Cheap is not neccesarily a good thing even if it looks right on paper.

Be wary of buying an off the shelf PC and expecting great audio performance. Appliance stores are better for when you want to buy a toaster!

The latest Core 2 Duo processors (not the Dual Core which is the predecessor) are absolutely amazing and are used in all the new Macs and are the ideal choice if building a Windows XP system.

Mac or PC? Which one is for you? Both can work great and it depends on the individual as to which one suits your needs. PC's can be cheaper or can cost just as much if you buy all the top quality components.

I don't want to open a minefield of debate on this subject because it really doesn't matter at the end of the day which one you use. The choice is yours. At the risk of opening a can of worms, here are the main different differences worth considering.

When you buy an Apple, the hardware and software are all designed and made by the same company and generally it will work straight out of the box. There is less that can be changed beyond adding RAM and bigger/faster HDD's etc, however if you choose the machine that suits your needs to begin with there is nothing that needs doing. Macs usually deliver what they promise without much fuss. There are thousands of 3rd party hardware and software products that work seamlessly with OSX.

When you choose a Windows machine you can choose from a plethora of hardware brands and it is up to you to find the components that provide the right balance between performance and price. There is a lot of good information and probably even more mis-information on the Internet in this regard. There are bargains to be had and there are just as many people who have been had thinking they were getting one. There is always the old adage of getting what you pay for.

The difficulty with building a PC is knowing which parts will work well together without significant issues. Memory is a major performance difference and can often be a bottleneck for performance. Generally it is advisable to stick to genuine Intel mother boards and processors and get the right RAM. Video cards can be an issue.

It is not the focus of our business to specialise in building PC's but we are very aware of what the considerations and implications are for a computer based DAW.

We have a supplier who specialises in building dedicated high performance PC's for audio. These machines are rock solid and deliver absolutely staggering performance specs.
They are not budget machines. They are all built

These guys think about this stuff while they are sleeping. We think more about transformers and microphones and other tasty audio stuff!

We can help you with all the hardware and software, microphones, monitors, headphones, acoustic treatment for your room etc which is where our expertise lies.

Depending where your interest is, we have Serge is a Windows person and Brendan who is an Apple kind of dude.