Studio precision™ 6 & 8
Our new flagship biamplified system delivers performance that surpasses anything we've offered to date. We're confident that once you hear your mixes on a Studio Precision ™ monitor you'll never want to use ordinary monitors again.

Tuned Reference™ 6, 8, & 8XL
Tuned Reference 6, Tuned Reference 8, and Tuned Reference 8XL - high accuracy, high-value monitors, one of which is bound to be just perfect for your studio (and pocketbook). Check out the monitors that have everyone talking - and listening!

What happens when you combine state-of-the-art audio technology with years and years of award-winning monitor design, then top the whole thing off with a megadose of incredible value? - Mixes You Can Trust.

20/20bas™ V2
When it comes to professional studio monitors, the 20/20bas Biamplified System is the standard by which all other are judged. We took the proven transducer technology from the original and paired it with a new amplifier (descended from the flagship Studio Precision™ design) and put it all in a rugged new cabinet.

20/20™ V2
Looking for that quality 20/20 sound in a passive model? Look no further than the 20/20 V2 - our classic direct field monitor in a rugged new cabinet. The 20/20™ Direct Field Monitor delivers wonderfully clean, accurate, pleasing sound at a price most musicians considered eminently affordable