UAD-2 Satellite DUO Firewire DSP Accelerator

Access UAD Powered Plug-ins with Dual Processing Power — Now on Intel-Based iMacs®, MacBook Pros® and Mac minis. Includes Analog Classics Software Bundle.

The UAD-2 Satellite DUO puts the world’s finest analog emulation plug-ins within easy reach of Firewire 800 and 400-equipped Macs, including Intel-based iMacs, MacBook Pros and Mac minis. In developing UAD-2 plug-ins, UA’s DSP engineers work with leading hardware manufacturers — using their exact schematics, golden units, and experienced ears — to give your mixes all the warmth and harmonics of classic analog recordings. Powered by two SHARC processors, the UAD-2 Satellite DUO allows you to run complex mixes, without taxing your host computer.

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