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In the past 12 months there have been 2 life changing experiences in my life that I feel I must share with you so that you may at least have the opportunity of experiencing what I got.
We probably all realize the importance of maintaining mobility, flexibility and reducing stress in our lives. This is where I believe I have found a brilliant solution that is safe, fun and easy to fit in our hectic lifestyles..........and you meet some lovely people.

What happened is one of our customers,'Geoff Cantor' talked me into going to a Yoga Class (actually wouldn't stop nagging) specifically a place called 'Svarupa Yoga' in middle The place is run by Robert  Byrne, who has over 25 years experience, and through his own unique teaching style, has put together a Yoga practice that is fun,easy, practical and challenging. Now over six other colleagues have taken it on and love it.

What its done for me is that its given me the ability to go bush walking all day without problems, its taken away RSI issues from too much computer/mouse use and I no longer need to see any chiropractors. Even stress is much reduced.
I just can't emphasis enough what just 1 day a week and $15 for 1.5hrs can do for you!
So be kind to yourself and give it a try.

Well the second item I must tell you about (it would be selfish of me to keep it to myself) is a fantastic programme run by Landmark Education......

Serge Rancev