AKG is a well respected Austrian manufacturer of microphones and headphones for nearly 60 years.
Audio Oz has been supplying AKG products to the pro audio industry for some 20 years, we also provide service backup and spare parts.

K 141 Studio
For home and project studio recording
Undistorted sound even at high volume levels

Studio quality headphones with improved response and 55 ohms rated impedance. The new XXL speakers with Varimotion diaphragms provide higher sensitivity for a wider dynamic range and a more powerful sound. This semi-open design with a plugin cable delivers powerful bass and sparkling highs at a very attractive price/performance ratio.

Also connects to portable equipment (CD players, DAT recorders, notebook computers, etc.)

K 171 Studio

* For broadcast and DJ use
* Supraaural, closed-back earphones
* High ambient noise attenuation
* Rugged construction for tough handling

The latest addition to the Professional Studio line from AKG is called the K 171 Studio.
Designed specifically for monitoring audio sources in noisy environments, these headphones combine the benefits of a closed back design and the comfort of supraaural earphones. The K 171 Studio are light, extremely rugged, and easy-to-use headphones you can wear in many different ways. Providing high noise attenuation and a powerful sound, they are as loud and convenient as DJs like them.
The K 171 Studio will be a very good choice for DJ and broadcast use as well as any applications where no sound must leak from the headphones (e.g., TV productions).

K 501
Hi-fi reference headphones
Varimotion diaphragms for superbly accurate sound
Excellent wearing comfort
Totally open design
Specifically recommended for audio purists and lovers of classical music

The K 501 are "concert hall headphones" for lovers of classical music and for purists. Patented Varimotion diaphragms from AKG provide a high-resolution sound with pinpoint imaging.

K 601 / K 701
Experience pure perfection with the new hard-wired reference headphones from AKG.

K 601

* Patented AKG Varimotion ultra-precision two-layer diaphragm
* Self-adjusting genuine-leather headband
* High-performance cable with 1/4" jack plug
* Individually tested and numbered

Precisely tailored response and cutting-edge design: a must for all audiophiles.

These future-oriented, open-back dynamic headphones do not only offer good wearing comfort but also deliver an incredibly detailed, full, yet crisp sound. This is the result of a new AKG Varimotion two-layer diaphragm that ensures optimum diaphragm motion for extremely accurate high frequency response and a powerful low end.

The overall sound is uncommonly natural and open. In short, the K 601 are premium reference headphones for anyone who appreciates true high-end equipment.

K 701
* Revolutionary flat-wire voice coil technology
* Patented AKG Varimotion ultra-precision two-layer diaphragm
* Self-adjusting cushioned genuine-leather headband
* Bi-wiring, high-performance cable with 1/4" jack plug
* Comfortable, specially shaped "3D-Form" ear pads
* Complete with stylish storage cradle
* Individually tested and numbered

Whether you prefer the holistic approach or like to listen analytically, the K 701 will turn perception into pure enjoyment.

AKG is the first manufacturer in the world to use revolutionary flat-wire technology in headphones, namely, the K 701. The result is a truly dramatic sound that places every musician at their correct location with pinpoint accuracy. This kind of agility, spaciousness, brilliant highs, and velvety, punchy bass is simply miraculous.

These superlative open-back dynamic headphones provide an outstandingly accurate sound and excellent imaging. Try the K 701 and find out what ingenious headphone engineering can do for you.